Summer Staples.

Today we chilled at the beach but before doing so we went for a walk around the hotel. Whilst wandering we didn’t realise how big it actually is. There is a side dedicated to water slides and a mini water park for children, if I wasn’t an adult I would happily played in there ha. Today I wore something simple, as usual. A printed top by the label Cooperative found in Urban Outfitters, shorts are Levi's found in the men's section for just £12! Shorts are so short nowadays and I really don't need my bum hanging out, so menswear is perfect for more coverage. Sunglasses are also from Urban Outfitters on sale £8.


Top – Urban Outfitters (Cooperative) | Levi's Short –Urban Outfitters | Toms - ASOS | Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters |

Thanks for reading.

- Rianna -

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