Cardigan season is upon us - well it was a cardigan type of day as I got away with wearing no jacket! The weekend was filled with sunshine and I went with a very casual outfit to run around doing errands for the day. Batwing cardigans, jackets, tops, just batwing everything is so easy throw on and add something extra to an otherwise mediocre outfit. I must admit depending on what type of handbag you're wearing the "wings" can get in the way, but wearing a long strapped bag will do just the trick. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this more casual side of me!


Batwing Cardigan - River Island / Long Sleeve Top - Primark / Jeans - Zara / Scarf - Zara / Bag - Urban Outfitters / Trainers - Adidas

Thanks for stopping by.

- Rianna -

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