Don't Make Me Blush.

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you're enjoying the holidays! So if you asked me a few years ago or even months ago if I would ever wear pink, the answer would have no been without a shadow of a doubt. However, recently my eyes are always attracted to blush pinky tones. I think this new colour obsession stemmed from the introduction of pink creepers into my ever growing trainer collection.

This bomber jacket is a must have for anyone who loves classic items, with a twist. It's a unique mix of the authentic military style with the incorporation of femininity all in one. In short it isn't too girly (for lack of a better word) and remains street chic.  

For me this shade of pink isn't too in your face and is a welcomed addition to my penchant of neutral tones. All in all what I'm trying to say is don't knock it until you've tried it!



Bomber Jacket - Stradivarius / Jumper - Stradivarius / Trousers - Lindex / Bag - Urban Outfitters / Trainers - Puma via eBay /

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