Classic In Cortez.

Friday is finally here and it feels so good! I can't tell you how many times I've woken up this week thinking it was Friday. Moving on, we've definitely had a hit of colder weather in London, so it was time to bring out the knitwear! I haven't been able to wear to able much of my chunkier clothes simply because it hasn't been cold enough but the time is now!

I think polo necks (otherwise known as turtle necks and/or roll necks depending on where you're from) are an essential in any wardrobe, they are so versatile and are great for layering. This particular jumper has side splits so you can easily add a layer underneath and have it peek through either side.

Lastly, a new addition to the kicks' family, Cortez. These are a classic design that have surpassed trends and the colourway is distinct but still wearable. They were famously worn by Tom Hanks in his role as Forrest Gump. It doesn't get more old school than that. So no matter what you're wearing or how modern your ensemble is, these will add a classic element to your overall look.


Coat - H&M / Jumper - ASOS / Jeans - Zara / Trainers - Office / Bag - Topshop / Earrings - Forever 21 /

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