Blossom | Floral Bomber

Satin Bombers are everywhere this season and oh how I love them. I love blossoms and bombers so when I saw this one I thought it was a double whammy. And like what most bloggers are currently saying "I'm not usually into pink but there's something about this one" - I have to agree.

Pastel and somewhat muted, it's not so in your face like the pink we all think of when the word is mentioned. Either way I seem to be accumulating more and more items this colour and I'm not so mad about it (although my wardrobe space is).

These photos were taken by the lovely Rebecca Spencer - It was my first time working with a photographer and she is so lovely, makes you feel at ease the minute you meet. I can be quite shy so this was a great experience, no doubt we'll get together again.


Bomber Jacket - Stradivarius / Skirt - ASOS / High Neck Top - H&M / Trainers - Puma / Bag - YSL /

Thank you for stopping by.

- Rianna -

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