Fyodor Golan Behind The Scenes | SS17

Hi everyone! As LFW comes to end and we see the preparations for LFWND get underway I thought I would share my behind the scenes experience of Fyodor Golan. Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman established their brand in 2011 and whether you knew it or not you would have seen their designs at this years VMAs on the likes of none other than Ariana Grande. 

So as you can imagine it was a nothing short of a big deal to see this collection up close, dress models and be fortunate enough to watch the presentation. The collection was a mixture of textures and designs, from embellished denim to neon mesh it all worked together effortlessly. I became obsessed with the model @neljilka, her look is so unique and without realising a lot of my photos and video footage features her. Stalker much? She's just so stunning, her hair, her face.. I digress. You can see more of her and some of the other models on my YouTube Channel, yes my Youtube Channel! It's been a long time coming and editing that video was so long because I have no idea what I'm doing, but I vlogged my day and filmed the whole presentation in case you wanted to have a little look see!

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- Rianna -

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