LFW Day 1 | Paul Costelloe SS17

I know I'm late with the fashion week posts, but I say better late than never right?! *nods head in hopes that you're nodding too*

I have been so incredibly lucky over the past couple days as I have been attending LFW shows and presentations (as if that isn't amazing on it's own merit) but I've also been fortunate enough to be a dresser for the models backstage. 

I was really nervous I won't lie. Nonetheless, working with Paul Costelloe and his team made it all the more exciting as opposed to nerve-racking. They were so friendly and helpful and we also got a little good bag *yelps with joy*. Here are some photos from behind the scenes. The collection was very romantic and flowly, filled with muted colours alongside pops of colour as you'll see.

Please excuse the quality, I didn't have my camera and in all honestly I was so in the moment that it slipped my mind to take photos. Talk about blogging mistakes.


Thanks for stopping by.

- Rianna -

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