The Statement Coat

Winter is coming, or in this instance it has arrived with no warning whatsoever. I've definitely been feeling the chill the last couple days and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that's been enjoying it. I am a winter baby and nothing satisfies my soul more than layering and getting all snuggly in my collection of coats.

I recently went to visit my Nan and she commented on my new H&M coat. Translating what she said from Creole to English, "Is that another coat? How many coats do you have?! It's really nice though." LOL. Every time I buy a new coat she seems to notice and now that I think about it, she has an assortment of coats herself. So I'm almost certain that my love for them stems from her.

I saw this coat browsing the H&M website and instantly thought of my Grandad. He had an array of flat cap's all with varying dogtooth patterns and it's nice to think both my grandparents influence my style choices subconsciously. Who influence's you style?



Coat - H&M / Hoody - H&M / Shirt - Marks & Spencer / Jeans - Topshop / Bag - Urban Outfitters / Shoes - Zara.

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