Who needs a Gucci belt?

Recently I've had my eyes on a Gucci belt, I was looking at it and all of a sudden I started seeing it styled by so many bloggers on my Instagram feed. It seems to elevate any outfit, but at this point in time I can't justify spending £220 on a belt, when my main priority is moving out. (It was £200, evidently the popularity of this style saw the price point go up). 

So with that being said I've been looking for a belt. Something simple, but add just that little extra to an otherwise plain outfit. The addition of details from jewellery, bags, watches you name it really does make a difference.

I found this one on ASOS for £8, £7.50 with student discount. Bargain! Of course instead of having the Gucci logo it has an round edge rectangle, either way it does the job. Don't let social media or anyone for that matter make you feel bad about not being able to have certain things. You can get there eventually (if that's want you want). Fashion isn't about the price tag, it's more so about style and putting your own unique twist on things.


Coat - Marks & Spencer / Culottes, Boots & Polo Neck - Zara / Belt - ASOS / Bag - River Island /

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- Rianna -

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